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Episode 3: River of Crime (2006) - Crime Me a River

Episode 3: River of Crime (2006) - Crime Me a River
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Episode 3: River of Crime (2006) - Crime Me a River

Our lives are constantly surrounded by unseen streams. Numerous invisible rivers composed of love, power, success, pain... all that we detest and desire. Some of these we navigate with ease. Some we seek forever. And some are simply whirlpools, spinning us into oblivion. While I am not a criminal, crime has stalked me from an early age. At this point, I can only see my life as an unending collision with evil. Leaving me with but one conclusion: I ride The River of Crime.

On this episode of your favorite True Crime podcast, Home Age Conversations, we talk about The Residents' own true crime podcast from 2006, The River of Crime. Put out in a time before podcasts were fully "mainstream", this release was the first Residents release that was made for digital distribution. It not only acted as another technological leap for The Residents, but it also reestablished the concept of storytelling that can be heard in future albums, like Tweedles, The Voice of Midnight, and many more.

Of course, since we are definitely a true crime podcast ourselves, we also talk about the historical basis behind the various crimes presented in The River of Crime, which are all mostly based on true events. Check the crime collection below for pictures related the various criminals mentioned throughout the podcast.

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