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Meet The Hosts



Rabbit is a music lover who can't quite decide whether he's an introvert or an extrovert. He also might not be able to decide on a name. This may or may not have anything to do with his frequently (perhaps perpetually) masked face.

He's got an affinity for collecting. Collecting what, you may ask?

Good question.

His favorite Residents projects are Demons Dance Alone and Animal Lover.



Kat has quite the interest in... well, a lot of things. She's our local horror movie buff, as well as our local musical theatre buff. Any curiousity about video games can and will probably be well attended to if brought to her.

More importantly, though, she's a historian. And like all good historians, she's a gossip who teases the dead. Or so she claims.

I'd believe her on that if I were you.

Her favorite Residents projects?

Upon being asked to choose, she remarked that it would be like picking a favorite shard of glass.



Mole is, get this, short for Moleshow. Not to be confused with The Mole Show.

Philosophically inclined, if something gets made out to be far deeper than it really is, it's probably his doing.

He's enthusiastic about a whole range of things, but visual arts and performance reside comfortably in his alleys.

Likes Vonnegut. Sometimes a clown.

His favorite Residents projects are Tweedles! and God in Three Persons.

Among others.



Mew is, aside from being a podcaster, a software engineer. She's trans, a Real Gamer™ (only plays real games like Dance Dance Revolution), and she likes Japanese idols. Also, she uses Linux.

She has some of the most vivid Residents dreams imaginable, and that's a good thing. Her life goal may or may not be to get her hands on the WAVE transcriptions of The Big Bubble's lyrics. You'll know when we all find out for sure either way. In the meantime, ask yourself some questions that are guaranteed to shake you up.

Her favorite Residents project is Not Available.



Sparky is the producer for the podcast. He's lovable, huggable, and so forth and so on. He might also be an air pocket. You figure that one out.

He likes general tinkering, video games, cats, and dogs.

Oh, and he also likes The Residents. Presumably. He's the former host of the original Residents podcast, known as the BOGcast.

His favorite Residents project? Well, his favorite is Not Available, but he feels that God in Three Persons is the most impressive, and he's got the most emotional attachment to Cube-E.